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Commissions are open!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2012, 6:02 PM

EDIT: this is an old post and as stated in my current journal update my commissions are CLOSED and my prices have changed. Thank you!

OK, after many messages and request for commission prices I have finally put together a basic price guide on the different commissions I can do at this time. Please understand that the price is a reflection of the amount of time put into crafting the plushie and the cost of materials used to make the plushie. At the moment my main fabric will be fleece but you can request Minky fabric. Because of my low stock of Minky at this time I will have to charge a small amount extra to order the colors needed if I do not already have it in stock. The shop I order from ships to me very quickly so it shouldn't be a much longer extra wait.

Beanies usually take just 1 day to complete and full sized ponies can take 2-3 days, depending on how many plushies I am working on at that time. In general give me about a week to finish and post your commission but most likely I will have it completed and posted sooner. :)

Please note me for further details and to discuss the commission you would like to order!

Price Guide - Still a work in progress -

Beanie Plushies:
Shipping cost for US residents - $5
International Shipping - $10

10" (inch) long Beanies:
Mane 6 characters EXCEPT Rainbow Dash - $40
Rainbow Dash - $50 (She is more due to the extra work and materials used for her mane and tail)

Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadence - $60

Other Background Ponies - $40 (Price subject to change depending on the type of pony)

OC characters - You will have to note me with a picture of your OC to fully work out a price quote but generally they will be around $40.

If you want details added such as extra flowers, bows, ribbons and ect I can happily add them! I will do it at no cost unless the extras are very extensive and elaborate - then we can work out a small charge to add.

Mini Beanie Plushies - Information will be posted as soon as my pattern is completed and examples posted. These generally will be about half the size of my regular beanies and will be considered the "chibi" versions.

Regular Standing Full Sized Pony Plushies - 13" (inches) tall (NOT including the mane height)
-- This is a work in progress section. Some of the hair patterns I am still making and perfecting. --
Prices vary from the beanie plushies because of their larger size and the amount of more work put into making them.
Will be made in fleece materials. Can be requested in Minky - note me for details.
Shipping for US Residents - $10
International Shipping - Note for details, shipping will be calculated for your location.

Mane 6 EXCEPT for Rainbow Dash - $80
Rainbow Dash - $90

Princess Ponies - $120

Other Background Ponies - $80 - $90 - Depends on the type of pony.

OC Characters - Please note me with a clear picture of your OC for a price quote but generally they will be around $80.

Extra details such as ribbons, bows, flowers can be added upon request for free! If the additions become very extensive and elaborate I might have to add a small charge. Note me for details!

Small Standing Plushies - About 7 1/2" (inches) tall - Will post prices soon.

Filly Ponies - Information will be posted soon. My pattern is almost complete for fillies.

I tried to make my prices as fair as possible. Please understand that in the future they are subject to change.

Also I am interested in doing possible art trades. Note me about details and to see if I have the time to work on one. :dance:

I plan on working on different types of plushies in the future as well, although ponies will always be a favorite! Check back in frequently for updates on other fun projects I will be posting! :aww:

And thank you to MichelleRamey for sharing this beautiful journal skin!

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D3Rave Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student General Artist
When I have the money, I will purchase a beanie of my OC!
SailorMiniMuffin Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
I will look forward to it! I love OCs! :)
D3Rave Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Yay! XD
SugaryCuppCake Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
OMG U R WELL PRICED i think i might get u to make some ponies for my dughter when i have the money
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